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This is a pencil/marker case I’ve been hand stitching (so, she isn’t perfect, but her imperfections are charming, aren’t they?).  I took the Tre Vero felt drawstring sack I received when I bought my purse from them.  It’s a great purse, but what am I to do with a giant felt sack sitting around?  I decided to re-purpose it as a nifty little drawstring pencil sack, so I can carry a variety of pencils and markers with me all the time.  I first cut out some large pieces using the top, so I could keep the drawstring aspect.  Then I sketched out measurements to make sure things would fit properly.  It’s not the most technically amazing piece, but it also didn’t take very long.  I like the canvas outside and felt inside.  It rolls up and ties around to keep it together.  I’m pretty satisfied with it, for not devoting too much time to it.

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